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⚡️ 1.8.3 - Improved UX for Initial Load PR #238#

  • Removes the old splash screen
  • Adds placeholder in the HTML index, which will usually be visible on initial load
  • Show progress bar on route switcher

✨ 1.8.2 - Serverless Functions for Netlify Instances PR #235#

  • Previously when Dashy was deployed as a static site to Netlify, it was not possible to use several features, which required server-side code
  • This PR adds serverless cloud functions to provide most of this functionality

🩹 1.8.1 - Additional Languages, Bug Fix, and more PR #234#

  • Merges 5 additional languages
  • Adds RickyCZ's dashboard to showcase
  • Fixes #323, and improves status indicator tooltip
  • Define constants for endpoints
  • Updates management, translations and readme docs

⚡️ 1.7.7 - Improved Error Handling PR #226#

  • Errors can be viewed via the UI (Config menu --> App Info)
  • Service workers should be disabled by default
  • Also renames actions to be easier to maintain
  • Updates docs to include release schedule + merge strategy

✨ 1.7.6 - Adds Multi-Search Support with Bangs PR #224#

  • Adds option for user to add custom search bangs, in order to specify search engine/ target app. Re: #206

🎨 1.7.5 - Improved Language Detection & UI PR #223#

  • Makes the auto language detection algo smarter
  • Improves responsiveness for the language selector form

🌐 1.7.4 - Adds Spanish Translations PR #222#

  • Adds Spanish language file, contributed by @lu4t

👷 1.7.3 - CI with GH Actions PR #212#

  • Adds a series of GH actions for repository maintenance and administration
  • Auto-labels PR and issues, adds helpful info to PRs based on files changed
  • Lints, tests, builds and deploys the app when PR submitted
  • Checks app size, dependencies, security, accessibility etc when PR submitted
  • Closes incomplete, stale or spammy issues and leaves a comment

✨ 1.7.2 - Item Sort Options PR #203#

  • Adds option for user to specify sortBy to order items within a section
  • Can sort by last clicked, most used, alphabetically and more
  • And fixes UI of the item tooltip and, if specified, will show Provider in the tooltip
  • Also improves error logging and console warning message

🐛 1.7.1 - Lots of Tiny Fixes and Improvements PR #200#

  • Removes background in console art
  • Updates auto environmental variables
  • Icon image assets max height Force same Icon/Item Height #200
  • Adds an action to close spammy issues
  • Adds option to enable SRI integrity, plus refactos PWA into defaults
  • Updates privacy and security docs
  • Adds option for different favicon API for each app [FEATURE_REQUEST] Allow using different faviconApi for each items #196
  • Fixes loading of local SVG icons #199

🍻 1.7.0 - Documentation Website PR #190#

  • Builds a quick website to host the docs. No code changes, but prepares for V1.7 release

✨ 1.6.9 - Web Search Feature PR #185#

  • Adds ability to search the web directly from Dashy by pressing enter on the search bar
  • Adds configuration options, for setting default search engine, opening method and disabling
  • Adds text under search bar, implements into minimal view also

⚡️ 1.6.8 - Improved Loading Experience PR #183#

  • During app initialization, show the build progress and status message
  • While requests are being made, show loader at top of screen
  • Also adds some UI improvements to Workspace view

⚡️ 1.6.7 - Option for non-SSL status checks plus minor things PR #182#

  • Adds an option for user to use status checks with non-HTTPS services, Re: #181
  • Updates the .env template, plus the variables used in the server
  • Uses the v-cloak to hide text before it's finished loading
  • Fixed the parsing of the update-checker during build

⚡️ 1.6.6 - Improved Search & Shortcuts PR #175#

  • Refactors the search algorithm to improve performance and code reusability
  • Updates search to ignore case, special characters and minor-typos
  • Adds the option for user to specify tags, which can be used for searching

✨ 1.6.5 - Adds support for Secure Authentication using Keycloak PR #174#

  • Major restructure of auth config
  • Implements keycloak support, adds docs and updates schema

✨ 1.6.4 - Adds functionality for Granular Auth Control PR #171#

  • Enables sections to be visible for all users except for those specified
  • Enables sections to be hidden from all users except for those specified
  • Enables sections to be hidden from guests, but visible to all authenticated users

⚡️ 1.6.3 - Dependency and Build File Updates PR #168#

  • Removes any dependencies which are not 100% essential
  • Moves packages that are only used for building into devDependencies
  • Updates dependencies to latest version
  • Adds a .dockerignore, so that non-essential files are not included in the container
  • Updates deployment config files for Netlify, Heroku and GH actions
  • Made a brand new bug-report template, with input fields and validation!

✨ 1.6.2 - Support for Guest Access PR #167#

  • Adds functionality for optional read-only guest access to dashboards with authentication
  • Can be enabled by setting appConfig.enableGuestAccess: true

💄 1.6.1 - Adds new Theme PR #166#

  • Adds Dashy theme, for use in the dev dashboard

✨ 1.5.9 - New Minimal/ Startpage View PR #155#

  • Adds a new view, called minimal view, designed to be like a light-weight startpage
  • Implemented all the required features (filtering, opening methods, icons, etc) into minimal view
  • Adds appConfig.startingView into schema, for specifying the initial default view to be loaded

✨ 1.5.8 - Multi-Tasking Support in Workspace View PR #146#

  • Adds option to keep launched apps open in the background, to reduce friction when switching between websites, Re: #144
  • This can be enabled by setting appConfig.enableMultiTasking: true
  • Note that having many apps opened simultaneously, will have an impact on performance

✨ 1.5.7 - Adds Support for Material Design Icons PR #141#

⚡️ 1.5.6 - Refactor + Couple of small things PR #135#

  • The main Dockerfile now uses yarn.lock instead of package-lock.json
  • Adds a check to verify password is not empty in cloud backup screen
  • Improves responsiveness of config modals for mobile devices
  • Enables the user to use their own self-hosted Sentry instance
  • Removes the View Config tab of the Config menu, as not needed
  • Updates and fixes some typos in the readme

🌐 1.5.5 - Adds Missing Translations + Small UI Issues PR #129#

  • Adds missing translations to several UI elements, Re: #126
  • Fixes login translations not being picked up on page load, Re: #127
  • Fixes small text overflow glitch in config icon, Re: #123
  • Several small UI improvements: height of config editor, scrollbar on theme dropdown, page height, white-on-white on material theme, etc
  • Adds an action to auto-assign reviewer based on ./.github/CODEOWNERS file

🐳 1.5.4 - Docker ARM Support PR #122#

  • Adds a Dockerfile for arm64v8 and arm32v7, to support Raspberry Pi and other modern ARM-based devices
  • Sets up automated workflow to publish ARM containers to DockerHub after every new release
  • Adds documentation for running Dashy on RPi/ ARM-based devices, Re: #117

🩹 1.5.3 - UI Quick Fix PR #121#

  • Downgrades and pins vue-material-tabs to 0.1.5, to prevent breaking changes. Fixes #118 p1
  • Sets auto-width for theme selector, so text doesn't wrap for long theme names. Fixes #119
  • Uses flex layout for config menu, so note doesn't overlap menu on small screens. Fixes #118 p2

🌐 1.5.2 - Adds Dutch Translations PR #120#

  • Dutch language support, contributed by @evroon

🩹 1.5.1 - UI Quick Fix PR #116#

  • Uses min-max width parent layout, to prevent longer languages (e.g. French) text overflow. Fixes #115

🔒 1.5.0 - Improve Robustness of Auth PR #113#

  • Use both username + password for generating token, so that a change in either will log the user out
  • Prevent privilege escalation by disallowing a user from modifying their user type through the UI
  • Improve the isAuthenticated check, by taking account of empty users array

✨ 1.4.8 - Optional Crash Reports PR #112#

  • Adds an optional, off by default method of getting crash reports
  • This can be enabled in appConfig.enableErrorReporting, and will not be used at all unless explicitly activated by user
  • This is needed for when a user raises a bug which is hard to fix
  • Also improves robustness of config accumulator, don't throw error when config is missing
  • Adds Privacy & Security docs

♻️ 1.4.7 - Refactor PR #110#

  • Moves cloud sync dialog into the config menu, and removes icon on homepage
  • Fixes typo in Default theme name, Re #106
  • Spell checks readme
  • Updates the contributor CI action, that generates list of contributors + sponsors

📝 1.4.6 - Documentation Updates PR #108#

  • Breaks many of the longer files into several more digestible articles
  • Writes repo pages including, Security, Code of Conduct, Legal, Updates license
  • Makes an automatically generated Credits page
  • Adds a contributing page, with several ways that users can help out
  • Implements this changelog, as requested in #87

🌐 1.4.5 - Adds German Translations PR #107#

  • German language support, contributed by @Niklashere

✨ 1.4.4 - Adds Support for Logo Image PR #105#

  • Adds option in config file for user to specify path to an image
  • If found, will display said image in the header

✨ 1.4.3 - Auto-Checks for Updates PR #101 and PR #102#

  • Write a script to compare current version with git master version
  • Periodically checks for updates, and displays message to user
  • Enables user to disable update-checks in the config file
  • Checks not using vulnerable version on project-build

✨ 1.4.2 - Adds Multi-Language Support PR #99#

  • Implements vue-i18n, sets object globally
  • Extracts all text to a single JSON file
  • Auto-detects users language, and applies, if availible
  • Builds a form to let user manually select their language
  • Lets users language be saved and read from local storage, or config file

✨ 1.4.1 - Adds Support for Custom Key Bindings PR #94#

  • Adds new attribute under item for saving numeric key binding
  • Listens for keypress, and launches corresponding item, if found

✨ 1.4.0 - Builds a Custom Theme Configurator#

  • Adds property to save custom theme variables
  • Builds UI form, with color pickers, a pallette and popup
  • Integrates the saving colors, and applying saved colors functionality

🔨 1.3.9 - Enable Custom Styesheet in Docker PR #92#

  • Enables the user to pass a custom stylesheet in with Docker
  • Adds support for 1-Click deployment to

🌟 1.3.8 - Showcase #91#

  • Adds @Shadowking001's screenshot to showcase

🌟 1.3.7 - Showcase PR #84#

  • Adds @dtctek's screenshot to showcase

✨ 1.3.6 - Enables User to Hide Unwanted Components PR #78#

  • Adds several additional options to the config, allowing the user to hide structural components that they don't need
  • Including hideHeading, hideNav, hideSearch, hideSettings, hideFooter, hideSplashScreen

✨ 1.3.5 - Adds Support for Emoji Icons PR #76#

  • Enables user to use emojis for item and section icons
  • Adds a handler to convert Unicode, or Shortcode into an Emoji

🌟 1.3.4 - Showcase Addition PR #75#

  • Adds @cerealconyogurt's screenshot to the showcase

💄 1.3.3 - UI Improvements PR #73#

  • New style of Large item
  • 2 new color themes
  • Added CSS variables for search label and footer background
  • Improves process for auto-checking if font-awesome is needed
  • Silences non-critical warnings in production build
  • Adds new optional font-face for cyber punk
  • Shortens readme, and adds contribute links to showcase

⚡️ 1.3.0 - Custom Headers for Status Check PR #72#

  • Enables user to pass custom headers to the status check endpoint
  • Enables user to use a different URL for the status check request

🌟 1.2.9 - Creates a Showcase Page PR #68#

  • Adds a page in the docs for users to share their screenshots of their dashboard

✨ 1.2.8 - Adds Remember-Me Functionality into the Login Form PR #66#

  • Adds a dropdown menu in the login form with various time intervals available
  • Adds appropriate expiry into session storage, in order to keep user logged in for their desired time interval

✨ 1.2.7 - Implements a Right-Click Context Menu #62#

  • Built a context menu, showing all item opening methods, on right-click
  • Made a clickOutside directive, in order to close menu when user clicks away
  • Adds launching functionality, user can click to launch

⚡️ 1.2.6 - Make Font Assets Local PR #60#

  • Downloaded font files to assets
  • Removed all calls to font CDN, replaced with local calls

🐛 1.2.5 - Small Fixes, and Efficiency Improvements PR #57#

  • Adds correct license
  • Improves service workers, and adds serviceWorkerStatus local storage item
  • Adds missing statusCheck and statusCheckInterval docs into Configuring
  • Adds an About App page, containing info needed to raise a bug report
  • Adds TDLR license into main readme
  • Introduces app versioning
  • Adds safeguards into ConfigAccumalaror, to prevent error being thrown
  • Updates PR template
  • Improved Webpack build experience, with progress bar and completion notification
  • Adds new and improved icons for layout options
  • Make the Page Title into a home page link
  • Adds missing favicon, fixes #55
  • Adds assets to PWA manifest.json
  • Documents app commands in readme
  • Enable passing website as URL param to the workspace
  • Modified items, so that title text doesn't get shortened,

✨ 1.2.4 - Adds Support for Continuous Status Checking #52#

  • Enables user to re-call the status check at a specified interval
  • Processes interval in ms, and updates the traffic light when required

🐛 1.2.3 - Bug Fix PR #49#

  • Removes duplicate Docker env var, fixes #48

✨ 1.2.2 - Better Favicon Support#

  • Enables user to force direct/ local favicon fetching
  • Adds support for additional favicon API, returning high-res app icons
  • Adds support for generative icons

🐛 1.2.1 - Bugfix #44#

  • Fixes footer positioning on mobile, makes sticky, fixes #42

✨ 1.2.0 - Adds Writing Config to Disk from UI Functionality PR #43#

  • Creates a new server endpoint for handling the backing up of a the file
  • Adds backup existing file functionality
  • Adds writing new file functionality
  • Does error checking, testing and adds some security parameters
  • Adds a radio button in the UI, so user chan choose save method
  • Process config within the UI, convert to YAML, and write changes to disk

🐛 1.1.8 - Bugfix #40#

  • Status check tooltip was not visible in Material themes, raised in issue #39

✨ 1.1.7 - Adds Workspace View PR #38#

  • Adds a new route, for the workspace view
  • Builds the sidebar, which displays the users apps
  • Loads the app into the workspace's main iframe when clicked
  • Adds some collapsing functionality, better styles, subtle animations and theme support

✨ 1.1.6 - Implements Status Indicators, and Monitoring Functionality PR #34#

  • Wrote a Node endpoint for pinging the users desired services
  • Added status checking functionality in frontend
  • Build small traffic-light component to display status of users services
  • Adds animations, and handles errors
  • Writes docs, and tests code

✨ 1.1.5 - Adds Authentication / Login Functionality PR #32#

  • Enables the user to protect their dashboard behind a login screen
  • Creates a Authentication handler to manage the hashing of passwords, and generation of a token
  • Build a quick login form, where user can input username and password
  • Adds a log out button

💄 1.1.4 - Support for Custom HTML Footer PR #30#

  • Enables user to insert structure for the footer defined as HTML

🚀 1.1.3 - Adds Support for 1-Click Cloud Deployments PR #29#

  • Support for 1-Click Deploy to Netlify
  • Support for 1-Click Deploy to Heroku

🔧 1.1.2 - Docker Efficiency Improvements PR #26#

  • Writes a Node health check script, and implements into the Docker container
  • Changes default port in docker-compose, as 8080 is commonly used by other apps
  • Adds the 1-Click deploy with PWD into the readme
  • Updates dependencies
  • Adds a getting started guide to the docs
  • Adds splash screen for first load
  • Deleted unused assets
  • Makes linter run as a pre-commit hook
  • Fixes lint errors in server.js and validate-config.js

🐛 1.1.1 - Bug Fixes PR #20 + PR #21#

  • Adds issue template
  • Bug fixes
    • Improves github PR and issue templates
    • Shortens readme file
    • Adds documentation in the docs folder
    • Fixes Layout tab not showing in portrait #19
    • Improves mobile performance for both the settings, config and backup pop-ups
    • Fixes issue where theme not applied on load when the settings are hidden
    • Adds minimum dimensions to modalsShortens readme file
    • Adds documentation in the docs folder
    • Adds minimum dimensions to modals

🚑️ 1.1.0 - Hotfix #18#

  • Implementing the JSON validator had actually broken the entire JSON editor
  • Fixed it by remove explicit use of Ajv, and using a derivative instead

📝 1.0.5 - Documentation PR #16#

  • Previously there was very little documentation, this release fixed that
  • Wrote specific docs for:
    • Getting Started
    • Configuring
    • Backup & Restore
    • Theming
    • Developing

✨ 1.0.0 - Implements Config Validation PR #13#

  • Write a JSON schema for the conf.yml file
  • Wrote a validation script to compare users config against schema
  • Adds a formatter to print helpful messages about what needs fixing
  • Implements validation process into build script
  • Implements validation process into UI config configurator's validation

🔧 0.9.5 - Brand New Docker Container PR #12#

  • With help from several users, a new container based on Alpine is released
  • A sample Docker Compose script is also written, and docs are updated
  • A 1-Click button for deploying to Play-with-Docker is added to the Readme

✨ 0.9.0 - Adds Hide Settings Functionality PR #11#

  • Enables user to hide settings from UI
  • Users preference is saved in local storage
  • User can hide other structural elements of the UI from the config

💄 0.8.5 - Adds new Built-In Themes PR #9#

  • Adds Minimal-Dark and Minimal-Light theme
  • Adds Material-Dark and Material-Light theme
  • Adds additional theme docs
  • Adds option for sections to have items too

✨ 0.8.0 - Implements Custom CSS Editor PR: #8#

  • Adds a page in the config menu
  • Adds syntax highlighting, CSS validation and sanitization
  • Saves users CSS, and applies styles on page load

✨ 0.7.5 - Adds Cloud Backup and Restore Feature PR #6#

  • Creates a form for entering backup ID and decryption password
  • Puts form in modal, and adds button to launch form, with custom icon
  • Implemented the cryptography stuff for end-to-end data encryption
  • Wrote and tested the backend, and deployed as a serverless function on CF workers
  • On the frontend, users input is encrypted, and passed to backend cloud function
  • Response from the backend is handles appropriately, and message displayed to the user
  • Implements the restoring from server functionality, with data integrity checks

✨ 0.7.0 - Support for Custom Nav Links PR #4#

  • User can add custom nav bar links from the Config Settings menu
  • Better UI styling to the config menu
  • New icons inside buttons

✨ 0.6.5 - UI Config Editor PR #3#

Adds the ability for the user to edit their configuration directly from the UI

  • Edit all section and item data using a rich JSON editor
  • Download/ backup conf.yml directly from the UI
  • Edit site meta data: title, description, footer, etc
  • Reset all locally stored data to the initial state
  • Also includes a new toast component, for subtle notifications

✨ 0.6.0 - Navbar, Footer and Background Image#

  • Adds option for a custom full-size background image
  • Made footer customizable
  • Fixes error being thrown when navbar links are empty

⚡️ 0.5.5 - Improved Theming#

  • Makes more specific color variables, which inherit base vars
  • Makes it possible for users to write their own theme
  • Fix some color edge cases
  • Adds docs for theming

✨ 0.5.0 - Theme Support#

  • Converts all SCSS variables to CSS variables
  • Implements theme switching functionality
  • Adds a dropdown menu, enabling user to select theme
  • Adds an initial theme option to appConfig.theme
  • Saves selected theme to local storage
  • Wrote a ton of color themes

✨ 0.4.5 - Keyboard Navigation#

  • Implements arrow key navigation

✨ 0.4.0 - Font Awesome Support#

  • Adds support for Font-Awesome icons
  • Auto-loads font-awesome only when needed
  • Adds support for SVG icons

✨ 0.3.5 - Opening Method#

  • Shows opening method on hover
  • Opening method can be specified in config, as item[n].target

🔨 0.3.0 - Docker#

  • Writes a Dockerfile

🎨 0.2.5 - Code Quality, Docs and UI#

  • Huge code quality overhaul, now uses AirBnB style ESLint
  • Adds in-code docs, removes unneeded code, moves reusable helpers into utils dir
  • Adds a readme, records a demo gif and adds some basic deployment docs
  • Removes dependencies which are not 100% necessary

✨ 0.2.0 - Collapsible Sections#

  • Implements collapsing functionality, for less used or very long sections
  • Sections can read default state from section[n].collapsed within config
  • After change, state of each section is stored in local storage

⚡️ 0.1.5 - Search and Navigation#

  • Improves instant search functionality
  • Implements keyboard navigation for selecting items
  • Launch selected item with enter, or Ctrl + Enter to open in new tab

🎉 0.1.0 - Init#

Project started. Forked from Lissy93/Dash